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31 Reasons to Love Dan Smith 

Hey! I know I’ve been absent for a long time, my personal life has been a bit of a mess, but I had to come back today because it is a very special day! For those of you who don’t know, today is Dan Smith’s birthday! Who is Dan Smith? The beloved lead singer of Bastille! 

I know this is different from the things I usually post, but I am a huge Bastille fan, and couldn’t let Dan’s birthday pass without expressing how much he and his band mean to me. So, here are 31 reasons why I (and other Stormers) love Dan Smith. 

1. First of all, he’s an incredibly kind person. 

He (along with the rest of Bastille) has been known to pass out bottles water to fans waiting to see them live, hand out hot chocolate during the winter, etc. One time, someone threw a bag of Goldfish on stage during a show, and he actually stopped to share them with people in the front row. 

2. He’s also wicked smart. 

The way he uses classic literature and mythology in his music is incredible, and displays a serious understanding of these works. (See: “Weight of Living Part I” is based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

3. He’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes, even if it means standing up to someone in power. 

He has been very vocal about his hate for the alt-right, participated in anti-Trump protests, and has even written a song about Trump and other political leaders like him. (“The Currents,” if you were wondering.)

4. He’s a Twin Peaks expert. 

Seriously, David Lynch himself might be the only person who loves the series more. And that’s a pretty big “might.”

5. That hair. 

I gotta get a bit superficial for a moment, because his hair is seriously incredible. It has changed a bit over the last few years, but it never fails to defy gravity. 

6. His eyes. 

While we’re on the topic of his appearance, we have to talk about his eyes. Seriously, those eyes are gorgeous. I’m still not completely convinced they’re real. They’re too perfect. And the way they light up when he talks about music, or film, or his band mates…. Sigh 😍

7. His smile.

Seriously, if the sun were to burn out tomorrow, that smile could light the world. It’s the kind of smile that makes you want to do whatever you have to do to ensure that you can see this man smile forever. 

8. Drunk Dan is still super cute somehow.

I don’t get it. Most drunk people are gross and/or scary, but he’s just really adorable?

9. He’s weird, but in a fun, adorable way. 

Stickers on his face? Nonstop talking about obscure movies? Yup, that’s him. And it’s adorable. 

10. He doesn’t seem to know how to take a normal selfie. 

He makes a lot of weird faces. Like, a lot. But it’s okay, because they’re still cute. 

11. His weird socks. 

They’re always so fun and festive!

12. His glasses. 

We’ve already established that his eyes are the most perfect thing to ever exist, but they’re somehow even better when he wears glasses? I don’t get it, but I like it. 

13. The way he always has to ask questions to the person interviewing him. 

It’s always really sweet to see how he gets genuinely interested in these people and their answers. 

14. “Not in a kinky way” 

Whenever Bastille plays “Rhythm of the Night” live, Dan gets the audience to dance with him, usually by asking them to “get down” with him, “but not in a kinky way,” and everyone loves it. 

15. Bubbles 

I seriously don’t think I will ever get over how adorable the pictures of Dan and Bubbles (the alligator? Crocodile? I’m not sure) are. They’re my favorites. 

16. Middle finger. 

He’s constantly flipping a bird, and instead of being offensive, it’s somehow endearing. 

17. All the swearing. 

He seriously swears a lot, but it’s somehow weirdly attractive when he does?

18. “Thank you so much!” 

It always comes out as “thank yew so much” and it’s the cutest. 

19. The spinny videos. 

Oh my god, the “Wild World” spinny videos. My heart can’t handle the cuteness overload. This one is my favorite. 

20. Funny live moments 

Like the time he started singing “Overjoyed,” and as soon as he said “oh I feel overjoyed,” a girl in the audience shouted “yeah you do!” Cue uncontrollable laughter from Dan. Or the time he read a sign while singing “Pompeii ” and accidentally sang “How am I gonna be an octopus about this?”

21. Singing on his toes. 

Whenever he sings high notes, he does this thing where he stands on his tippy toes and it’s seriously adorable. 

22. Calculator watch. 

What a nerd. 

23. The “Glory” video. 

That video is a beautiful work of art, and it’s perfect for the masterpiece that is “Glory.”

24. His dancing.

 So bad. So funny. So adorable. 

25. “Blame.” 

“There’s no room for you he-ah” never fails to make me smile. 

26. This.

 Poor kid doesn’t know how pants are supposed to work

27. Pointing at things with his name on it. 

This is seriously too cute. 

28. Gameboy phone case.

 I’ll say it again: what a nerd. 

29. His usual uniform

Black pants, converse, a bomber jacket, and a shirt with some sort of Twin Peaks reference, a band he’s a fan of, or Bastille. Seeing him in anything else is like seeing a unicorn. 

30. “Oh my god it’s Adam lavign!” “Sorry love” 

On a red carpet in 2014, someone mistook Dan for Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, and Dan told us about it through a now iconic tweet. Never change, my sweet summer child. 

31. “Hello you lot!” 

The traditional Dan greeting. 
Happy birthday, Dan!

*none of these pictures are mine. 


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