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My Favorite Suggestions for the Next Doctor

Hey, guys! How are you? I don’t know about you, but I’m still a bit sad about Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who. While I was heartbroken over Matt Smith’s departure, I quickly grew to love Capaldi’s Doctor. I know that it’s necessary for the Doctor and companions to change every few seasons, but I’m still surprised every time I hear about someone leaving the show. However, that surprise wears off after a few days, and is replaced by excitement – who will be the Doctor next?! I’ve heard plenty of rumors lately (I’m sure you have too), so here is a list of my favorite suggestions for the 13th Doctor.

1. Hayley Atwell 

I know the idea of a female Doctor is controversial, but Hayley Atwell really is the perfect candidate. We know she can do badass, as her role as Agent Carter has proved. We also know she has a great sense of humor, as her Dubsmash War against her Marvel costars proved. And we know she wants to be the Doctor, since she has been pretty outspoken about her desire to play the alien in last couple of years.

And since Agent Carter and Conviction have both been cancelled (which I’m still crying about), it’s the perfect time to snatch her up for a new series!

2. Richard Ayoade

I accidentally discovered The IT Crowd while wandering around my local library (in middle-of-nowhere Tennessee!) one day, and I was hooked immediately. My favorite character was Moss, and I think that’s at least 73% because of how brilliantly Richard Ayoade played the part. I think he’d be a great comedic Doctor. He’s hilarious, and he already has experience playing an alien (although The Watch wasn’t really very good). Plus, it’d be easy to come up with a good catchphrase for him!

3. Olivia Colman

It has taken me a little while to get on board with this one, but now I think Olivia Colman could be a brilliant Doctor. If they decided to stick with an older Doctor, she’d be perfect. She’s an incredible actress. Plus, she’s already worked with Chris Chibnall (on Broadchurch), who will be taking over as showrunner after Capaldi and Moffat leave. The biggest issue with Olivia Colman is that she has already appeared in Doctor Who, as Prisoner Zero in “The Eleventh Hour,” and I’m not sure how they could explain that.

4. Anthony Head 

If we have to stick with the traditional white male Doctor, I think Anthony Head could be brilliant. I loved him in both Buffy and Merlin, and I would love to see a Giles-esque Doctor. Also, I think it’d be cool if they stick with an older Doctor, instead of going super young again. But, like Olivia Colman, he has previously appeared in Doctor Who, in the episode “School Reunion,” and I’m not sure how they could explain it.

5. Natalie Dormer (aka the one that will probably never happen)

I love Natalie Dormer. A lot. She’s my biggest girl crush (well, along with Karen Gillian and Daisy Ridley). She could walk across my back in stilettos and I’d probably just thank her. I will watch anything she’s in. I think she could be an incredible Doctor. Imagine it: a Doctor who is half Margery Tyrell, half Jamie Moriarty. She would be brilliant, cunning, sly, mischevious, and snarky. It would be beautiful.

While there’s no way of knowing who will play the next Doctor (yet), it is fun to speculate and discuss possibilities. These are my favorite options, but I’m sure I will love whoever Chris Chibnall feels is best for the role. Until we know for sure, though, I’m holding out hope for Dormer.

Who do you want to play the 13th Doctor? Why? Tell me in the comments!


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